Bundt pan lasagna recipe for 4 people

Bundt pan lasagna recipe for 4 people

The main recipes for Bundt pan lasagna are those that contain tomato and bisamella sauce. Lasagna is just another form of pasta, so it is also compatible with a myriad of seasonings.

Of all the bundt pan lasagna recipes, number one has to be the most traditional. Before preparing it, it is essential that you already have the tomato meat sauce and the besciamella ready to use.

A good tomato sauce needs the right ingredients, as it contributes significantly to the best result.

You will need (4 people):

4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

200 grams of ground beef instead of minced, can also be minced.

½ onion, pre chopped

2 tomatoes

2 pieces of garlic minced

Chopped parsley

Some basil leaves


How to prepare:

Put the oil in a bundt pan, to avoid oil spilling, and add the onions. Leave for a while, mix to avoid overcooking, then add the minced garlic and ground beef.

After colouring for a while, add the tomatoes, peeled and sliced ​​into medium pieces. Mix them all and let them sit on high gas for a while. When it starts to boil, regulate the gas to avoid overcooking but leave it slightly high. Otherwise, you will get a “very runny” sauce, and a good sauce should be thick. Mix it up now and then.

When is Italian tomato sauce ready? By separating the oil from the tomato. This amount will take about half an hour, but be careful when mixing it, and you will notice that you can see the oil further away from the cream of the tomatoes.


It’s pretty straightforward from what the name suggests. It is enough to take half a litre of milk, add three tablespoons of wheat flour and half a tablespoon of butter. Blend over low heat until creamy. Then we add salt and nutmeg.

Aside from the tomato sauce and besciamella, you will need Italian mozzarella and grated Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano. Don’t use cheese as good cheese makes a difference.

Lasagna packaging says that you don’t need to boil before going to the Bundt pan. But the old Italians are suspicious and prefer to do it their way. What do they do? They put the lasagna sheets in boiling salted water for about a minute and then place them on a towel, without putting one on top of the other.

If you choose not to boil it, it will become less tender and the sauce will not over mix.

We take a pan in the Bundt pan and start with a layer of tomato sauce, then the lasagna slices (without overlapping), the basemila, again the tomato sauce, the pieces of mozzarella and the grated grana Padano.

Continue until the ingredients are finished, making sure to finish with the tomato sauce and cheese.

Please place it in the preheated Bundt pan for 30/40 minutes, when it starts to crisp on the plates.

Tip: After removing from the Bundt pan, wait about 20 minutes before serving. It will allow the pasta to absorb the sauces, it will cut more quickly, and the flavour will increase.

Other lasagna recipes:

The comfortable and original idea is to use pesto between sheets of lasagna, with the addition of grated Parmigiano Reggiano and less Becamella.

Another vegetarian recipe is to use meatless tomato sauce. Make the sauce the same way without adding the meat, and keep making the lasagna in precisely the same way.

An original vegan recipe is to use roasted eggplant between tomato and pecamel sauce.

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