Where to buy bundt pan in pattaya

Where to buy bundt pan in pattaya

Bundt pans are an excellent investment in every home due to their wide variety of uses. You get to prepare frozen desserts, gelatins, and molding. Here comes the great news, bundt pans are the best equipment for baking festive pieces of bread.

Having an excellent bundt pan ensures that you can create attractive cakes that suit all family occasions. Start by understanding that the shape of the pan will give you an idea of how the final product will turn out. However, note that the color of your bundt pan will dictate the color of your cake. A darker pan will result in a darker cake, while a lighter pan will result in a lighter cake.

Here comes the big question – where to buy bundt pan in Pattaya? Well, in this article, I will walk you through the different places in Pattaya that sell high-quality bundt pans. Its time you started creating the perfect cake for different occasions.

  1. Soi Bukhaow Market

The Soi Bukhaow market on Tuesdays and Fridays allows you to buy bundt pans at an affordable price. Understand that it is the biggest market that sells just the same stuff as you would find in Bangkok markets.

During the market days, there are always at least two big stalls that sell knives, kitchen stuff, pans, plastic buckets, and chopping boards. You will find a wide variety of bundt pans to choose from, which is excellent. You can also use this time to buy any other pieces of equipment for your kitchen.

The advantage of going to the Soi Bukhaow market is the fact that the prices are very competitive. You will always find the right bundt at the right price on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s located near Tuckom electronic mall, at the far end of Soi Bukhaow.

  1. Friendship Supermarket

Located near Soi Bukhaow, Friendship supermarket offers a wide range of kitchenware. It is located next to the Tukcom mall, making it quite convenient when you needed to buy other stuff. Ensure that you go to the second floor of friendship supermarket to find the best stuff.

There are several different types of bundt pans found in Friendship Supermarket. The prices are pretty competitive, and you will end up saving a lot. This is especially true when you needed to buy a lot of kitchen equipment.

Finding different pieces of kitchenware at Friendship Supermarket is rather simple. Everything is well sorted and arranged. The staff are also quite friendly and will always help you locate whatever you are looking for. Feel free to ask when you don’t spot the right bundt pan for you.

  1. TKH Kitchenware

TKH Kitchenware is a renowned establishment in Pattaya that deals with the wholesale and retail sale of all types of kitchen utensils. You get to browse through their vast collection of kitchen equipment. The good news is that everything is well sorted according to use.

The bundt pans can be found under the bakery section. You get to buy a bundt pan that suits your needs. There are lots of different shapes and colors which give you more room to find what you need. You can, therefore, choose a bundt pan that best describes your baking.

At TKH kitchenware, there is a lot of different kitchen equipment that you can buy. The customer service is excellent, and you will always find whatever you need.

Factors to consider when buying the best bundt pan

Now that you know where to find bundt pans in Pattaya, you must understand what to look for in an excellent bundt pan. Below are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a bundt pan.

  1. Material

You need a bundt pan that is metal, nonstick, and not too dark. However, understand that aluminum pans are the best because they conduct heat well. You will, therefore, not find yourself with burnt bundt cakes.

  1. Size

You need a 10 to 12 cup capacity bundt pan for any standard recipe. A 15-cup capacity bundt pan is ideal for large families. Ensure that you pick a bundt pan that is practical and large enough for different types of occasions.


The design of your bundt pan comes down to individual preference. Understand that bundt pans can either be intricately designed or plain. The choice will depend on what you want as an individual. However, regardless of the design, bundt pans are a great addition to your kitchen.

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